The Commerce of Bureau of Yueyang City

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Yueyang Chenglingji Port is a last I-grade port in the west end of the Changjian River. This port has rich supply of goods from south west part of Hubei Province, east part of Chongqing City and middle north part of Hunan province. Every year, there are 120 tons of export goods for shipping in Yueyang city. The main goods for shipping are as follows: chemical raw materials and finished products, such as naphthalene sulfur, 2-butylene, SBS thermoplastic elastic, polypropylene, cyclohexanome, and ect. They are mainly exported to or imported from Japan and Korea. There are 400000 goods, which can be shipped directly to the two countries, but there are not any ships to do such work. Preferential policy allow 17% value-added tax can be exempted from transportation fee from the inlet of the Changjiang River and China now has established quick custom system for the Changjiang River.
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Company: The Commerce of Bureau of Yueyang City
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